Firbank Grammar School
Name of School: Firbank Grammar School
CRICOS Number: 00140K
City/State: Melbourne, Victoria
Year Established: 1909
Type of School: Girls Boarding School
Religious Group: Anglican
Student Population: 1,250
Number of International Students: 50
Boarding (No of boarders) / Homestay: Boarding (70 Boarders) & Homestay
Yr12 Result (2020): 48.4% achieved ATAR 90+
Yr7 to Yr12 Tuition / Boarding Fees (2021):

A$42,806 / A$28,884 per year






Since its foundation in 1909, Firbank has grown to be one of the finest independent schools in Australia. The school offers a distinctive and contemporary education and aims to provide excellence by presenting its students with a balanced, challenging and sequential curriculum and an extensive range of co-curricular activities that foster leadership, self-discipline and teamwork.


The school is set in extensive grounds close to the city centre of Melbourne in the Bayside suburb of Brighton and has outstanding facilities. Overseas students are supported through the English as Another Language Program and a tutor system. Of the Year 12 Class of 2016, 15% of students achieved an ATAR of 97.5, 29% of students achieved ATAR 95, 46% of students achieved an ATAR of 90 or above. The School also achieved eight Perfect Study Scores of 50. Once again these results placed Firbank in the top ranking of independent schools in Victoria.


The Boarding House is located on the campus and provides mostly twin-share or single-room accommodation. Tutors are provided on week nights to assist students in the Boarding House with their academic studies. The School has an International Student Co-ordinator to ensure that the needs of international students are catered for and English as Another Language is taught in all year levels at the School.

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Special Features


Excellent Year 12 result and outstanding performance in sports.