Ipswich Girls' Grammar School
Name of School: Ipswich Girls' Grammar School
CRICOS Number: 00533D
City / State: Ipswich, Queensland
Year Established: 1892
Type of School: Girls Boarding School
Religious Group: Nil
Student Population: 860
Number of international students: 12
Boarding (No. of Boarders) / Homestay: Boarding (115 Boarders)
Yr12 Result (2021): 36% achieved ATAR 90+
Yr7 to Yr12 Tuition / Boarding Fees (2022): A$34,138 / A$21,712 per year
Website: www.iggs.qld.edu.au





Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School aims to deliver a positive, all-round education program for every young woman. The School operates smaller class sizes so your daughter will receive more individual attending in every class, every day. Our teachers are knowledgeable professionals, highly skilled in the art and science of learning and teaching and most importantly, they care about their students’ all-round education and welfare. IGGS has a coordinated, developmental learning and teaching framework that guides program development and instruction so that we remain focused on the important aspects of education. The School is well resourced with a range of information and communication technologies that can be used to modify the timing and pacing of learning to suit individual needs.


The School has safe, first-class facilities featuring modern classrooms, state-of-the-art Science laboratories, a 200 seat auditorium, and a five-level Senior School Complex. The School offers the very latest in cutting-edge technology to facilitate your daughter’s learning. We are proud to provide your daughter with these facilities, unmatched by any school in the region.

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Special Features

Integration of career planning into the Curriculum; students are trained to be confident and optimistic in facing challenges.