The Australian secondary education comprises a 5-year or 6-year curriculum, i.e. Year 7-12 in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania; and Year 8-12 in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and Northern Territory. Schools in Australia can be classified into two broad categories namely Government or Private schools, with some being Private Boarding schools. Students can choose local Year 11-12 school curriculum or International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma to gain university entry qualifications. In addition, students can choose vocational education programs offered by various institutions.

Blackfriars Priory School_Photo 1
Blackfriars Priory School
Located near CBD; caring and supportive learning environment with international student coordinator.
Prince Alfred College_Photo 1
Prince Alfred College
Newly built sports centre offering an extensive range of sports.
St Peters College_Photo 1
St Peter’s College
A leading day and boarding school for boys; majestic and park-like campus; providing an exceptional academic education...
Loreto College_Photo 1
Loreto College
Rich in resources;  well-equipped; and every boarder is being fully take care.
OLSH school photo
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College
Friendly and supportive staff.
Seymour_Photo 1
Seymour College
Comfortable learning environment with good pastoral care. 
Concordia College_Photo 1
Concordia College
Offering multi-media subjects in the secondary school curriculum.
Immanuel College_Image 2
Immanuel College
More than 40 subjects and specialisations are taught in extensive modern facilities that include specialist centers for...
Mercedes College_Photo 1
Mercedes College
Offering a range of programs including ELICOS and learning support to international students.